Home type
Home size
3 bedrooms
No off-street parking

Private bedroom

Rent amount
Single$210 per week (excludes bills)
Couple$250 per week (excludes bills)
Date available
25 June 2021 for 2 months plus
Bedroom size
Large bedroom (queen bed size)
Bedroom furniture
With or without a bed
  • Shared bathroom
  • Built-in wardrobe
  • Desk available
Security bond
Other information
Home bursting with character and good vibes, wooden floor boards, beautiful stain glass windows. Bedroom comes with chest of draws, dressing table, side table and has hanging cupboard with curtains. Room currently furnished with antique chest of draws, dressing table, bed with mattress and bedside table and small book shelf.

Home Description

Description of the home

A beautiful Art Deco (California bungalow style) free-standing double brick home, original features. Will suit someone who has a young heart yet likes old school style of living in terms of being respectful and adult like when it comes to sharing a home and cleaning. An inspiring place to live, a home vibe with charm, a living art piece that you can contribute to if you so desire. There are technically two bedrooms and the sunroom. The rent is super cheap for this area due to the sunroom being used as a bedroom. The home is a rare find for the neighborhood.

Most important this is a place to call home, to provide a sanctuary and a sense of belonging with a reasonable level of care and connection. To live drama-free the ethos is to mutually invest in what it takes to make a house a home. Typical sound vibes include community radio (PBS, RRR) or ABC Classic.

The main largest bedroom is available, with or without Queen bed. Large living areas, lounge room, study/reading room. Fabulous outdoor/indoor area with couch for reading, resto, relaxo.

Huge backyard garden for the green thumbs, yard comes with perfect large sky view for contemplating something bigger and better than ourselves ie: the universe.

Main living area has an open fireplace for cozy winter nights and air-conditioning in the main living area for summer. Stereo in the living area to enjoy great music. Bathroom with large bath, shower with good pressure. Kitchen performs how it should and is accompanied with a brand new fridge.

Super close to transport options, 3x trams for going to the city/Chapel (order of closeness tram #5,64,6) - takes 10min to get to Chapel St, another tram for going into the heart of St Kilda (#16). Train station options 'Armadale' (8min walk), 'Malvern' (12min walk). Bus 605 to QV Markets.

Local shops, Malvern Central and Organically grown - 8-10min walk

Home features

  • Air-conditioning
  • Broadband Internet
  • Clothes washer
  • Balcony, patio or deck
  • Courtyard, garden or yard

Bills and expenses

Utility bills shared, electricity monthly, water and gas quarterly. For short term stays 2 months or less, we can discuss rent being inclusive with bills.
Rent includes wifi, payable 20th each month in advance, standard calculation singles $910 ($210 x 52wk /12mth), couples $1,083 ($250 x 52 /12)

Occupants Description

Gender & sexuality
Female, straight
Age group
36 to 40 years
Smoking at home
No cat or dog
Main interests
  • Art and culture
  • Business
  • Community work
  • Cooking and food
  • Creative interests
  • Current affairs
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Natural therapies
  • Personal development
  • Reading
  • Socialising
  • Spirituality
  • Writing
About the occupants
My name is Soph (mind of a teenager, heart of an elder, wisdom of a wombat), I would describe my style 'bohemian' with a touch of 'warrior'. I'm a first born Aussie, mixed European heritage; Georgian, French and Ukrainian. This can translate to me being direct and upfront, straight shooter, but respectful to do this with love and attention. My personal ethos is based on the ‘Four Agreements’ by Miguel Ruizz. My key strength includes accepting people for who they are with no judgement. Not a daily drinker, however, on occasion I have a tendency to pull together an mean espresso martini.

My main goal for living life is to seek consciousness. This includes living consciously in terms of my consumption ranging from avoiding packaging and being a low consumer of unnecessary things or if I need to consume something material I choose vintage and ethics over price. I believe in slow fashion and buying from the makers. From a food perspective I am heavily guided by ayurvedic way of living, my weekly food purchase is mostly what comes from the earth (fruit and vegetables), though I could never say no to cheese. To some extent I am mostly vegetarian, however on occasions I will treat myself with a bangers and mash or spag bol. I cook regularly and always have plenty to share. For fun work I have an art business For earning income I work for a government agency in Education, doing corporate back of house stuff - boring. I live pretty simple life in terms of tech, operate on a 3G nokia and is the reason I don't have photo's of main room. However, I am upgrading this week now we need QR codes.

Andrew is in the medium room, part-time living at the house while he transitions and recalibrates his life with sharing family responsibilities. Andrew is originally from New Zealand, loves walking and camping.

We tend to share a couple of meals together once a week.

We're a social home where we come together in shared spaces to catch up. My personal preference is not to live with bedroom hermits who are in the habit of eating regularly where you sleep, grosses me out. Rather we are looking for someone who is interested getting to know the people they share a home space with.

Currently some friends (couple) from the country are in the bedroom. They are in the process of finding their own nest. As such, dates can be flexible and discussed for the new homie/s.
Compatible people
This has been a share home for many years, hosting many peeps from all over the world, from all walks of life and all ages. Would love to open the home vibes to humans who are non-judgemental, are seekers of knowledge and are respectful for sharing home space. We have a simple rule to live by, clean up after yourself and leave it as you find it - clean. Mostly want to share with a homie in a way that friendship may be nurtured over time, sharing just enough of each other's lives and encounter some shared experiences that allow us to live harmoniously, respectfully and with genuine care. The best home vibes are those based on general social intelligence, including having time to converse beyond talk about the weather. Equally importantly is open communication and living with humans who can contribute to living at a common agreed standard.

I would prefer to share the home with like-minded humans who are conscious consumers for the sake of the planet, their health and humanity. Pain points for me include over packaged goods, plastic packaging, chemical toxic cleaning stuff and CAGED eggs (preference is for Organic eggs where chickens live like chickens).

Basically, we like to live a chilled life full of harmony, no bad vibes, open and frank discussions and who enjoy peaceful evenings, some good tunes on the weekend. I love listening to community radio PBS or RRR, when there is screen time TV, my preference is to watch doco’s or something that is going to help me understand the world or myself better SBSondemand, ABCiview, Hotdoc's. Sometimes I tap into Netflux but it is not my go-to. My guilty viewing pleasure for trash tv is 'Bondi rescue', I love observing how the lifesavers work as a team and manage stress!

Flatmate Preferences

Gender & sexuality
Any gender/sexuality
Age group
18 yrs+
Smoking at home
Without a cat or dog